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Power cord plug type What to pay attention to when using the power cord plug


Power cord plugs are one of the most widely used electrical appliances in our lives, and all our appliances must have a power cord plug. Without it, we may not be able to use many appliances. Wires with plugs are called power cords. There are many types of plugs, so let's look at the types of power cord plugs and what to look for when using the power cord plugs.

Power cord plug type

1, the style of the power plug brand in the market are very much read, I believe we all have noticed in life, such as our living room will require a lot of different power cord plug. The standards of our country's power cord plugs are not the same. For example, if China's power plug is in the United States, it cannot be used. A conversion plug must be required to complete the conversion.

2. For example, let's find out about injection molding power plugs, which are also used in our home appliances. It is a combination of plugs and wires that are inseparable from each other. The characteristics of such power plugs are obvious. Solid and safe. The assembly of the power plug is that the power cord and the plug are fixed together by a screw or the like, but they can be assembled and disassembled during use, thus ensuring the flexibility of the power plug.

3, there are some plugs of different types are its plug core, there are 3-pin power plugs and 2-pin power plugs, these two are the most common power cord plugs in our lives. The 3-pin power plug has 3 pins or 2 blades, or two pins plus a grounding hole. This kind of structure is more complex than a 2-core power plug. There are requirements on the size and diameter of the pins. The length and the distance between the pins are all factors to consider.

What to pay attention to when using the power cord plug

1. Before we use it, we first need to understand, you use the performance of the power cord plug, so that we will be more secure when using, then you must choose a regular shopping mall, supermarket or specialty store. Select brand products, according to the use of electrical power to select the appropriate product, air conditioners, high-power showers and other products should use 16A plugs and sockets, other low-power appliances use 10A plugs and sockets can be.

2. The next step is to look at the product mark of the power cord plug that you have purchased. Check the certificate of conformity and the inspection report issued by the statutory authority. If converter products are not included in the compulsory certification, the inspection report issued by the statutory inspection agency should be checked when purchasing. For simple plug-in experiments, the plug should be well contacted after it is plugged into the socket, with no loose feeling, and can be pulled out with less force.

3, there is to pay attention to our best maintenance choice plug can rotate the plug, or artificial to change the original shape of the socket, to avoid the use of two sockets on the power of two larger appliances. When it is found that the temperature of the plug, socket, or the power cord is too high or there is a fire, it should be stopped and replaced. Select the manufacturer with the certificate.

Summary: Regarding the types of power cord plugs , and what information to take notice of when using the power cord plugs is introduced here, I hope these will be helpful to everyone. If there is something that you do not understand, you can pay attention to more content. If you want to learn more about building materials, please continue to pay attention to our website.

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